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Monitoring Systems

Hudu offers a wide range of monitoring options for your solar system.  These systems track the amount of power produced and consumed, the savings effected, the condition of the solar plant, and much more.  Ask Hudu to customise the best monitoring solution for your needs.

Data Logging

Monitoring systems help to detect disturbances in the plant so that corrective measures can be taken timeously.  They also calculate the solar power yield (per day, week, month or year), can show the cost savings made, and how much CO2 emissions have been avoided.

Viewing the Data

A monitor or screen can be installed and set up to display data as per your requirements.  The data can be accessed on site or remotely, using your computer, smart phone or iPad. Error messages and reports can be automatically sent to you via email when required.


Detailed monitoring provides the basis for efficient operation of your solar plant, and intelligent controlling systems maximise the consumption of self-produced power.  Monitoring equipment helps to prevent drops in yields, and offers a range of useful additional functions which make operating a solar power plant even more cost-effective.


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