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Clean energy isn’t just about the environment - it’s about saving you money whilst maintaining a continuous source of power regardless of the national grid.
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For Residential

Hudu solar systems will minimise your electricity costs and stabilise your electricity consumption – drastically reducing your dependence on the national grid.

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For Business

A regular electricity supply is crucial to any business. Reducing energy costs makes economic sense and provides an impressive return on investment.

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For Communities

Reducing grid consumption and electricity costs is important in all walks of life, but when it comes to community orientated projects it is vital.

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Hudu Solar - Rooftop

Solar Power

Hudu offers Rooftop and Ground Mount Solar PV Solutions enabling you not only to contribute to saving the environment but to become less dependent on grid power from your utility supplier at a reduced cost.  Learn more
Hudu Solar -Water heater

Water Heating

Hudu offers Solar Water Heating solutions that provide savings of 60% to 90% in water heating costs, depending on the type of installation.  Your old geyser can be converted to solar, or you can install a new solar geyser.  Learn more

Underfloor Heating

Hudu supplies Solar Under Floor Heating which work by piping hot water – heated by the sun – through the floor of the building, which reduces traditional heating costs.  Learn more

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